Tribal Henna – Body Art

Body Art - Painting

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Dangers of Black Henna!

Not all henna is equal!  Black Henna is dangerous!

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 Henna Art - Mehndi
is for all occasions!

Beautiful, exotic temporary body art inspired by cultures of the East

Spiritually, Henna is believed to bring happiness, good fortune and benevolence of the Universe.

Henna is safe and 100% natural.

Henna is fast, easy and painless.  A ticklish and relaxing experience.

Henna paste calms you by extracting the excess heat in your body.

Henna tattoos last about 8 to 10 days

All work is Freehand!

NO templates, NO stencils!

Custom Henna Designs

We can Henna any design you can imagine !