Henna Stain Progression

Henna Stain Progression

Good after-care is very important to get the best stain out of your henna designs. Basically, all you need is TIME and HEAT, and what you DON'T need is, water :). Let it stay on your skin for around 6 hours or overnight, seal with lemon juice+sugar syrup to keep it from flaking off, keep it warm and avoid water contact for the first 24 hours... These simple steps will assuredly result in a beautiful, deep, and rich stain.

Natural henna will NOT give a dark stain instantly. If your artist is using commercial pre-mixed henna cones or 'emergency cones' that claim to give a dark color in just 5 or 10 minutes, those cones are loaded with chemicals like sodium hydroxide which is very harmful for the skin. Any instant staining henna including Rani henna cones (white plastic toothpaste-like tubes), are filled with artificial dyes and reek of chemicals. They might stain instantly, but they will also harm your skin, come off in a couple of days, and instead of it fading, you will see flakes of your skin coming off...all because of the chemicals in the paste.

Natural henna stains darken gradually. Our special henna paste is made with all natural ingredients (fresh henna powder, lemon juice and 100% pure essential oils). We does not use store-bought commercial henna that might be stale or have questionable ingredients in it.



Henna Art - Mehndi
is for all occasions!

Beautiful, exotic temporary body art
inspired by cultures of the East

Spiritually, Henna is believed to bring happiness, good fortune and benevolence of the Universe.

Henna is safe and 100% natural.

Henna is fast, easy and painless.  A ticklish and relaxing experience.

Henna paste calms you by extracting the excess heat in your body.

Henna tattoos last about 8 to 10 days

All work is Freehand!

NO templates, NO stencils!

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