Henna Prep for Brides

Before Application

Bride's mehndi should be done TWO days before the wedding, a day earlier than the mehndi party, or earlier in the day of the mehndi/sangeet party before the guests arrive.

Do not exfoliate just before the mehndi application- we need as many layers of skin there to soak up the henna as possible.

Waxing or shaving should be done before the mehndi application. If you shave instead of waxing, make sure to shave lightly so that you do not get razor burn, get an open wound by cutting yourself or exfoliate too much skin.

Have your pedicure/manicure done before you get your mehndi done. The harsh chemicals used in pedicures/manicures can keep the stain from developing.

Any massages or lotions must be avoided just before the mehndi application and for 2-3 days afterwards or it will interfere with the stain.

Make sure that the room where the mehndi will be applied is comfortable temperature-wise, preferably slightly warm. Henna does not sink into the skin very well in cold temperatures. If possible, make sure to adjust the thermostat at least an hour before the appointment is to begin so that the room is cozy and ready, but not so warm that you are sweating.

Before application, ensure you are wearing comfortable clothes you can sleep in and remove your contacts if you wear them as you will be unable to remove them once your mehndi is applied.

During Application

Bridal mehndi can take anywhere from 2-6 hours depending on the designs chosen, so make sure that the bride and artist will have a comfortable place to sit. A table and 2 chairs are preferable.

During the bride’s mehndi application, please make sure that there are not too many major distractions so that the artist can focus on executing a beautiful design and keep her speed up. It is also very important for the bride to remain fairly still and relaxed when mehndi is applied. Make sure there is plenty of light for the artist to be able to see what she is doing. Bridal mehndi can be a long and tiring process for both the bride and the artist, so we want to have a lovely, stress-free environment. This can make a huge difference and turn a 6 hours appointment into a 3 hours appointment.

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