Henna After Care

Henna After Care

1. Leave paste on skin for at least 6-8 hrs. Overnight is even better.

2. Seal dried paste onto the skin by dabbing with cotton ball dipped in lemon sugar syrup.

3. HEAT is a friend of henna. Warming your henna design with the henna paste still on your skin will help in achieving a dark stain. You can warm your hand over the stove, or in front of the fireplace or a space heater, or even use a heating pad.

4. Apply more sugar-lemon juice syrup. Heat again. Repeat process 3-4 times.

5. As long as the henna paste is moist, it will keep staining…heating makes you sweat and hence moistens the paste.

6. After 6-8 hours, do not wash off with soap and water. Scrape the paste off gently. You might use a little vegetable oil or baby oil to help taking the paste off.

7. Avoid direct contact with water for the next 24 hrs. Keep stain coated with olive oil to create a barrier.

8. Henna stain will be light/bright orange at first and will darken to a deep brown over the next 48-60 hours.  This gradual darkening of the stain is a sign that the henna paste is 100% natural!

9. You can just leave the paste on for 4-6 hours and not follow any special steps and still get a good stain. The above instructions are for a SUPER DUPER dark stain!

Lemon juice + sugar syrup:

Dissolve 3 tsp of sugar in 3 tbsp of bottled or fresh lemon juice.  Adjust quantities to make a thick maple syrup like consistency.


AFTER-CARE is very important to achieve a dark stain. Our henna paste is 100% natural and contains no instant staining chemicals. The paste MUST be kept warm on the skin for at least 6-8 hours, sealed with lemon-juice+sugar syrup, and away from water initially to allow stain to darken gradually.

Henna Art - Mehndi
is for all occasions

Beautiful, exotic temporary body art inspired by cultures of the East

Spiritually, Henna is believed to bring happiness, good fortune and benevolence of the Universe.

Henna is safe and 100% natural.

Henna is fast, easy and painless.  A ticklish and relaxing experience.

Henna paste calms you by extracting the excess heat in your body.

Henna tattoos last about 8 to 10 days

All work is freehand!

NO templates, NO stencils!