Bridal Mehndi

Wedding Henna - Brides

Beautiful, intricate henna designs on a bride and her bridal party are a large part of weddings in many cultures. It is practiced by people in South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, and is becoming a fast-growing trend in the West.

We know how special this occasion is to the bride and her family. We treat brides like royalty, and carefully help them select beautiful designs while keep budget considerations in mind.

We use freshly made henna paste for your special day and guarantee the best results.

We offer a wonderful 30 minute free bridal consultation, to select designs and learn your preferences. You will choose a design that delights you, and we will give you a small sample henna design to help you get comfortable with the artist and process.

We are happy to come to you or you may choose to book a private appointment at our location.

We offer simple, moderate, and elaborate bridal packages to choose from. Depending on how ornate and elaborate you would like for your bridal henna to be, we can also add glitter and gems as accents. Add some glamour to match your dress and sparkle in your portrait.


We offer simple, moderate ,and elaborate packages to choose from. Bridesmaids can even have glitter and gems added to match the bride for high-glamour weddings.

Reception & Wedding Guests

Henna/Mehndi/Sangeet Party: Treat guests with henna designs. $75.00/hour at 2 hour minimum.
After two hours, each additional hour is $65.

We require a non-refundable deposit of 50% to secure our time for events.

The Name Game

Wedding Traditions

In bridal mehndi tradition, mehndi is applied around the bride each day prior to the wedding, where designs are placed on the bride's palms, arms, legs, and feet. Guests and family members may be adorned as well, to make them a part of the festivities.

A fun and enjoyable part of bridal mehndi is the "name game" where the groom's name is hidden on the bride's palm as part of complex and intricate designs. According to custom, if the groom can't find his hidden name, the bride will probably be the one ruling the roost! On occasion, the wedding won't begin until the bridegroom finds his name.


Reserve the Date

Hiring a henna artist from Henna Body Art - Mehndi by Marcy is very simple. Drop us a line today to Secure your Special Day!


Adorn your Body and Celebrate your Soul

Bride's mehndi should be done TWO days before the wedding, a day earlier than the mehndi party, or earlier in the day of the mehndi/sangeet party before the guests arrive.  More info on before the henna application