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There are people who consider henna designs more than mere decorations. These are the professionals who have studied the art and incorporated various styles into their designs. These professionals see a glimpse of history in every style even as they adapt it to suit future generations. All of this shows their proficiency in the art. You can meet such professionals at Mehndi by Marcy. We give great importance to our customers. This value is held by each staff member. When you engage our professional services for celebrations, you can be assured utmost satisfaction.


Marcy Ann Villafana

Henna Artist- Founder

Mehndi by Marcy - Henna Body Art began as a hobby by artist Marcy Villafana. She has been classically trained in order to decorate professional Indian dancers worldwide and Spiritual Leaders.

She has been sharing this art form for more than 21 years and believes that Mehndi is Divine gift and that sharing and spreading it is the way to preserve & cherish it.

Marcy began to pass  down to her children the love of henna body art and the Indian culture.


Breeze Underhill

Henna Artist

For the past 13 years, Marcy's eldest daughter Breeze Underhill has been her lead assistant henna artist. She has done many henna parties and Baby Blessings in the Austin and surrounding areas.

Currently she takes the lead at the monthly event that is Hosted by Austin Belly Dance - "Ladies' Night Out".

Breeze brings her own technique and uniqueness to the divine art of mehndi.

Know your Henna Artist

At Mehndi by Marcy - Henna Body Art, we include all the latest patterns/designs that come in to give you continuous variety. Our henna designs are inspired by many different cultures such as Indian, Celtic, Arabic, Egyptian, Moroccan and contemporary designs.

Every design is custom and freehand – NO templates and NO stencils ever. Marcy's specialty is traditional Henna (Mehndi) designs which tend to have fine lines that create ethnic and cultural patterns. Our guarantee is top quality work!.

We use natural homemade authentic henna with safe high quality ingredients ONLY. The henna paste is professional quality and safe for children as well.

At Mehndi by Marcy - Henna Body Art, we always strive to offer a professional service and a fair quote.

Adorn your Body with Henna for a Celebration of a Lifetime!