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    Henna Body Art - Mehndi by Marcy "the Organic Tattoo"

    Henna Body Art Mehndi by Marcy Services

    Birthday and Teen Henna Parties

    Birthday parties are memorable celebrations in the life of any person. It is the time when loved ones get together to wish you a long life and share in your happiness. Whether you are planning on hosting your own birthday party or planning one for friends or family, it is important to make it stand out from the rest without having to blow your budget.

    Henna for Birthday Parties

    Make your birthday party unique, fun and exciting with a henna artist who can create artistic designs and tattoos. Henna is safe for every person, regardless of age. So everyone, including children and adults attending the event, can try out these designs and flaunt them without any apprehensions of needles and pain associated with tattooing. Though the designs may fade away after a few days, the memories will stay engraved in the minds of people who eagerly await other events you organize or host.

    Girls Nigth  & Weekend Henna Parties

    Make your girls' weekend parties stand out by engaging a henna artist

    The rigmarole of daily life can take away the fun and excitement from our lives. One of the ways to rejuvenate your senses and indulge in uninhibited fun is by partying through the weekend. With an increasing number of girls wanting to spend a couple of days away from their every day lives, the concept of girls' weekend parties is gaining momentum. A girls' weekend celebration is a party where you and your girl friends can get together and let your hair down. Make it special with henna.

    Project Graduation Parties

    Project Graduation night celebrations herald renewed hopes even as you celebrate a glorious milestone. Such occasions are also special because it involves your near and dear ones. There is so much happiness in sharing the joy with them. You want them to have a memorable time. We will make  your party completely different and unique. The guests will have wonderful memories. This is enough to make your party like none other.

    Plan your Project Graduation today! We book up fast!

    Reserve the date

    Cultural Henna Events

    Add a touch of uniqueness to your cultural events

    Cultural events are celebrations that highlight a particular culture and honor its customs and principles. These celebrations bring together people from various communities to learn and enjoy various cultures and have fun and make merry. While dance and music were the only important elements of these functions in the past, it is not the case anymore. Today, people look for something unique and distinct to make their cultural events a success and draw crowds of hundreds and thousands. If you are also looking for that unique solution, then we have an answer for you!

    Henna for Cultural Celebrations

    Henna for Cultural Celebrations

    Henna is an integral part of tradition and culture in many countries such as Iran and India. However, the popularity of henna is increasing globally, thanks to its versatility. Tattoos are a rage in the modern world. Not all people would like to have permanent tattoos etched on their bodies. The best solution in such cases is high-art temporary tattoos. And this is exactly what henna helps you achieve.

    By inviting our henna artists to be a part of your cultural events, you are encouraging people to try out the intricate designs we can create. This is also the right opportunity for people to try out tattoo designs and see how they look. The henna artists can create myriad tattoos including necklace tattoos, bracelet tattoos and tattoos on the back, around the navel and on the hand. They can shed their inhibitions and try out the henna tattoos since they are temporary and fade away with time. However, the memories of your unique cultural party will remain etched in the minds of people forever!

    While the entire process is a religious ceremony, some parents also host parties for their sons and daughters following a religious ceremony. Young boys, girls and their parents are invited to be a part of these celebrations. Parents who hold the bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah celebrations want to ensure the best for their child. This is one way to make this celebration unique and ensure your guests carry away lifelong memories!

    Make your Corporate Events unique – Hire the henna artist for a special touch

    Corporate events are dime a dozen. Every company wants to pamper their employees and make them feel special. This is obvious in the interesting events they organize and the effort they put in to keep their staff entertained. If you are planning for a corporate event with a difference, then you will have to think out of the box.

    Henna for Corporate events

    Corporate events are occasions when ordinary work life is turned upside down. Every aspect of the event must be planned to make it truly different from the rest. In many ways, corporate events are incentives to employees who otherwise spend most part of their time fulfilling their professional and personal goals. If you want to really add to the fun, call in a henna artist who can make the event more vibrant and unique.

    We bring a variety of designs and also do custom designs for you and your guests.

    Pricing: All event bookings are at $85/ hr. /artist for a minimum of 2 hrs.

    We require a non-refundable deposit of $50 to secure your spot with us.

    We recommend that you book your date with us at least 2-3 weeks in advance.
    Some Travel charges may apply.

    Private Henna Sessions

    Why not treat yourself with something a bit more personal with a private henna session? You may want to hide a surprise message with henna for a special moment. Perhaps you want something unique for that photo shoot coming up.  Or you might just want to fit in a spa-like treatment for your busy lifestyle just to feel a bit more relaxed. You may bring your own inspirations or allow us to give suggestions and design something just for you! You deserve it!!

    Why not treat yourself with something a bit more personal with a private henna session? Hide a surprise message with henna for a special moment. Perhaps you want something unique for that photo shoot coming up.  Just fit in a spa-like treatment for your busy lifestyle as part of your self-care. Bring your own inspirations or allow us to give suggestions and design something just for you. You deserve it!

    Private Session Pricing

    You may book the private appointments at our studio at $50/hr. for unlimited henna. Bring a friend along to enjoy a bit of henna with you and split the cost.

    You can also pick a design and we can work out a fair quote for you depending upon the intricacy of the design if it takes less than an hour.

    Our basic designs start at $20 for private bookings.

    Your private appointment is customized for you and you are treated as a special guest.

    Adorn your Body with Henna for a Celebrtion of a Lifetime!


    Henna Belly Blessings

    Henna Baby Blessings

    Celebrate the life you are bringing into the world with a beautiful Mehndi design on the expectant mother's belly.

    Henna is an ancient form of blessings and good will which makes it a perfect way to bless a child to come.  It's also a wonderful treat to be pampered a few weeks before the delivery with gorgeous belly designs!  Meditative for the mom-to-be and fun and entertaining for the guests! Make sure to plan around your belly photo shoot for a unique pregnancy portrait.


    Henna Baby Blessings

    Henna Baby Blessings

    Henna Baby Blessings


    Host a Henna Party

    Are you looking for something exciting to do with your friends? Get the girls together and have everyone naturally adorned. Hosting a Henna Party is a great way to spend quality time with your friends while getting beautiful henna embellishments.  Any girly gathering is transformed into a fun party when Henna is invited!

    We Offer two options:

    • Unlimited henna on a $75/hourly basis at a min. of 1 1/2 hrs. Does not include travel
    • Individual henna design prices starting at $15 for 7-10 ladies excluding the hostess.

    Our flexible options accommodate all kinds of parties. Whether you want to treat your friends or have everyone pay for their own henna, we come to you and bring all the supplies with us!

    Hostess Benefits: This is the best part!! The hostess receives a beautiful gift from us. She also gets a $15 worth henna design for FREE after she hosts a party of more than 10 ladies. Last but not least, she gets a 10% OFF coupon for her next henna booking with us!!

    Henna and Glitter: If you wish to provide henna as well as glitter tattoos at your party, we charge $85/ hr. This is a great idea for a mommy and daughters’ party where mom’s get their henna while the little girls get the glitter tattoos.

    We require a non-refundable deposit of $25 to secure your spot with us.
    We recommend that you book your party with us 2-3 weeks in advance.
    All bookings for small groups are at 1  1/2 hrs. (90 min.) minimum.
    Any other bookings are at 2 hrs. min.

    Some travel charges may apply.

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